Smart Actuators

Advanced actuators serve to give you tension, and positional feedback to enable sensing and intelligent actuation.

Dexterous Fingers

Inspired by NASA's Robonaut 2, the hand has enough degrees of freedom to perform complex gripping and manipulation.

Brain-Computer Interface

Connections to Emotiv Epoch+ enable control via neural interfaces and gestures.


Advanced 3D printing technology is used to make a robust and lightweight skeleton and shell (1.3 kg).


An open source library for the Robot Operating System opens the door to writing advanced robotics programs.

Digital Twin

A full Gazebo model is ready so you can simulate programs for Dexi without having access to the physical hardware.

Robot Development Kit

Everything you need to started programming your robot hand

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ROS Library

Robot Operating System (ROS) packages and library make it easy to get started.

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Physics Simulator

No hardware needed. Write code and simulate it in Gazebo. The same code will work on the physical robot hand.

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Quick Start Programs

Get started with example programs the make it easy to perform grasping, gestures and brain control.